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If you have recently come to the realization that your sexual identity is different than you once thought it was, you may be in the position of “coming out” to the people who are closest to you.  Sometimes we know that those people will be supportive, and other times we are not sure how they will take this news.  Family relationships are intricate and dynamic, and changes can have far-reaching ripple effects.  Even in the best of cases, a change in how your family sees you may be a big adjustment for them.

There is no answer that is universally “best” in these situations.  Every family is unique and requires a different approach to coming out.  Sometimes having a neutral person facilitate the discussion can make the conversation go more smoothly, and other times having the neutral person before and after a private discussion is better for your family.  Finding someone who can help you sort through your feelings and help you connect with your family may be your key to success in coming out.  Whether you decide to hold on to your news for a while or come out right away, having people to help you through this time can help you to maintain your strength and sense-of-self.

Ultimately you are the expert in your own life, and you should assess your needs and the needs of your family before choosing a path to move forward.  Take your time, take a deep breath, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.