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About Me

“Behind every great relationship are difficult and uncomfortable conversations we rarely get to see. Great relationships don’t just fall into our laps. They require people to move through their fears and insecurities and do the hard work to move wounds into healing.”
– Vienna Pharaon

It takes strength to ask for help.

Healing doesn’t come easily or lightly.  Therapy can be a very difficult process, but when one trusts the process and moves through the discomfort, the rewards can last a lifetime. The most important part of this healing is the therapeutic relationship, and I work hard to maintain a balance of comfort (with me) and discomfort (that comes with growth) to help you achieve your goals.  

Therapy is a collaborative process.  I place you as the expert in your life and help you to identify patterns and responses that have led you to where you are today.  These behaviors may have been valuable to you at the time, and you may now be realizing that they are no longer serving you.  Together we take the stigma out of your past actions and help you to build a better way of coping moving forward.

Be the expert in your own life. 


I moved to the greater Philadelphia area to pursue my Master’s in Social Work and Master’s in Education in Human Sexuality Studies at Widener University. I am an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, and I hold a Certificate in Social Work and Trauma Practice. Additionally, I have presented on sexuality development and education topics at various state and national conferences, such as SXSWEdu and the first ever NC SexCon.


I specialize in gender exploration, questions, and issues; ADHD; anxiety; parenting; relationship therapy; youth and adolescent sexual health; trauma-informed practices; and childhood sexual abuse. 

Mission & Vision

I offer psychotherapy, counseling, and education services to address the challenges in life as well as to provide an opportunity for personal growth.  I specialize in parenting concerns, sexual development of adults and youth, relational problems related to child-rearing, individual or family trauma, and childhood sexual abuse.  I have experience working with both adults and youth on these challenges, and more.  Some common concerns that might occur are: tension between partners due to the transition to parenting, difficulty communicating about parenting decisions, sexual identity issues you may be confronting as adults, surviving individual or familial trauma, or questions or concerns about your child’s sexual identity and sexual learning process.  I am available to help you with these concerns and many others.  



Do you accept insurance?

I accept some limited insurances, but I can help you navigate out-of-network benefits or other non-insurance related benefits that might be available to you.


Does therapy have to be long-term?

Therapy can be brief and solution-focused if you need. Often we need to start therapy using this model, especially if you are in crisis. It can be very valuable on its own. However, long-term therapy can provide the benefit of exploring patterns over time which leads you to more significant and lasting change.


Do we have to talk about my mother?

While I don’t think it is ideal to blame all of our problems on our parents, I do like to spend time discovering how your childhood experience has shaped you into the person you are today.  Sometimes we will talk about your mother, father, grandparents, siblings, and even early childhood friends.  All of these can be important clues into how you are doing now.  


What if this is an emergency?

Please hang up and call 911.  In all seriousness, as a therapist, I am here to support you through crises as I am available, but I am not able to be available 24/7.  If you are experiencing a true mental health emergency, please call 911 or your local emergency mental health services for immediate attention.  

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