Sexual Development Workshops

Here are some of the sexual development workshops that I currently offer, tailored to meet the needs of parents with children in the following age groups. Customized workshops available upon request.


Don’t Wait Until They’re Older: Encouraging Lifetime Sexual Learning

for Caregivers of 0 to 8-year-oldstoddler learner

As the parent of a young child, you may often find yourself asking the question, “Are they too young to know this?”  There is a balance between how much information is useful and how much is too much.  This workshop clarifies some important points of sexual development during the early years.  It aims to arm the guardians and caregivers of young children with the knowledge they need and the confidence they need to deliver it.  By the end of this workshop, you will have an idea of when to talk to kids about sexuality, how to talk to them about sexuality, and what sorts of things you should tell them.  Ultimately, parents and caregivers will leave feeling more comfortable with the sensitive topic of sexual development.

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Preparing for Puberty: Answering Questions about Sexual Development

young learnerfor Caregivers of 8 to 13-year-olds

As a child approaches puberty it is important that they know what changes await their bodies.  You have an idea of what you went through as a child, but you may not be able to speak to the experience of a sex other than your own, or you may need a refresher on what changes your own body went through.  This workshop will review pre-pubertal and pubertal expectations and also go over some other important topics in relation to holistic sexual development.  By the end of this workshop you will have an idea of how to start these conversations, know when these conversations become relevant, and learn what details kids need to know about their bodies.  This workshop offers a chance to learn about hormonal and bodily changes in a way that is easy to pass on to children at appropriate times.

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Putting it into Practice: Helping Your Teen Make Responsible Choices

teenage learnerfor Caregivers of 13-year-olds and up

By the time a child is a teenager they likely know more than you taught them about sexuality.  There are many reasons that you may have not been able to talk to them more, or maybe you are interested in preparing yourself for your child to become a teenager.  Our own hangups and experiences often get in the way of allowing for healthy development of our children.  If you have not been having meaningful conversations with them about sex and sexuality, then they are getting messages that may not be in line with your family’s values.  If you want to share with your teen but you are concerned about feeling embarrassed or that you lack knowledge, then this workshop may be a great place to start.  This workshop was designed to help you, the caregiver or parent, feel more comfortable talking about sexuality as well as increase your knowledge about what healthy sexual development entails at this age.

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These sexual development workshops are tailored for parents with children at various developmental stages and can be customized to meet your group’s needs.  Call now for a free needs assessment and consultation or to schedule your personalized workshop.