Rates and Services

I provide various services to help you with your concerns:

Therapy:  Therapy can be a valuable tool for those seeking to heal deeper wounds or simply enrich their lives in a meaningful way.  Therapy happens by creating an ongoing relationship between the therapist and the individual seeking therapy.  It involves thought-provoking conversations that require deep reflection on the part of the client.  Therapy can be uncomfortable at times; however, positive results can be deeply rewarding.  Therapists may also use other methods such as art, movement, music, sand tray, or other more kinesthetic techniques.  All of these methods access deeper feelings and is intended to effect lasting change in one’s life.  Sessions can occur weekly, bi-weekly, or as needed for check-ins.  Sessions occur in a therapeutic environment, such as an office space, and typically last 50 minutes per session.  Therapy prices can vary based on a clinician’s experience and the local market.  I charge $150 per session, and I do offer a need-based sliding scale.  I can help you request reimbursement from your insurance company as an “out of network” provider.

Education: Workshops are often a fun and simple way to broach a new topic or dive deeper into a topic with which you already have some experience.  Currently, I offer basic workshops for parents, guardians, and caregivers on child and adolescent sexual development. More workshops will be added in the future. If you have a group to which you would like to tailor a workshop, I am happy to consult with you on the topic and the group to see if my services are applicable.