Children and Adolescents

tiny-720489_1280Childhood and adolescence are especially important times in our lives that need special attention, as we are learning to live in the world around us, we are forming our identity to reflect our inner selves, and we are learning to form meaningful relationships with others. Certain behaviors, identities, family structures, events, traumas, etc., may cause a young person to feel isolated, abnormal, irritable, or confused, among many other things. During youth and adolescence, people are particularly susceptible to struggles and challenges but are also uniquely resilient and adaptive. Now is the time to give your child the basic tools for a fulfilling adulthood.  Sexual development of children and adolescents

Maybe you were raised in a household with conflicting views on sexuality, or you received scant sexuality education yourself. Many parents or caregivers may disagree with their partners on issues pertaining to sexual development.  Sometimes parents have a hard time objectively viewing their children, regardless of their age, as independent sexual beings, discovering their own identities.  Sometimes those identities may be conflicting with parents’ and caregivers’ own values or their sense of “normal.”  Maybe you are wondering if you are “normal.”  If you feel like you need guidance either as a parent or a child, therapy, sexuality counseling, or education can be useful tools to help your family grow together.

It can feel strange acknowledging and talking about the sexual development of children and adolescents.  However, research shows that speaking with your kids about sex and helping them learn your values is a protective factor for them in the future.  This article is a great starting point for understanding this topic.  Kids who have parents who are open and honest with them grow to be better informed.  In turn, they are better prepared to handle the situations they find themselves in as they get older.  Give your children the education and compassion regarding their sexuality that you would have wanted for yourself as a child.