It Takes Strength to Ask for Help

small profileSignificant life events may throw our lives out of balance.  Seeking out help can be a difficult first move to get back on track. Your concerns might feel overwhelming right now, or maybe you want help to get ahead of them before they do get to be too much.  Questions come up that we cannot answer on our own, and it is a natural, human trait to seek help from others. Sometimes friends or family are too close to the problem to help us see the bigger picture, and a safe and neutral space would be better for you.  If you are having difficulty making a positive change, therapy can be a useful tool for your personal growth.

How can I help you?

I offer psychotherapy, counseling, and education services to address the challenges in life as well as to provide an opportunity for personal growth.  I specialize in parenting concerns, sexual development of adults and youth, relational problems related to child-rearing, individual or family trauma, and childhood sexual abuse.  I have experience working with both adults and youth on these challenges, and more.  Some common concerns that might occur are: tension between partners due to the transition to parenting, difficulty communicating about parenting decisions, sexual identity issues you may be confronting as adults, surviving individual or familial trauma, or questions or concerns about your child’s sexual identity and sexual learning process.  I am available to help you with these concerns and many others.  

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